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Our Vision

We here at Freedom Fighters Canada stand up for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. We hold the line as a lighthouse and beacon that shines from coast to coast. Our directive is to end government overreach, protect the freedoms fought for by our forefathers and see our citizens remain glorious and free

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My name is Jerome O’Sullivan. I reside in Grande Prairie, Alberta and am a proud member of the blue-collar society of Canada. I grew up working in the oilfield along side many other hard-working Canadians. I understand just how hard it is to to make ends meet in today’s economy. My goal is to unite Canadians country-wide, end government overreach, slow down inflation rates and regain our rights and freedoms that have been so wrongfully infringed upon over the course of the last two years. It is time we stand united and END the division that our government has brought upon us. With freedom comes great responsibility; this is ours.

Jerome O'Sullivan

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Hey, I'm Jake. I am from Grande Prairie, AB and have lived there for over 27 years. I have been in the carpentry trade for over a decade, expanding my experience in anyway I can. After Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the emergencies act, I decided to pack up and travel to Ottawa to stand against this tyrannical government over-reach. I had the honour of meeting the like-minded Freedom Fighters Canada group. Now we work towards the common goal of keeping our government in check, ending all mandates, and protecting our people from globalist agendas. I will stand... will you stand with us?

Jake Benoit