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Our Vision

We here at Freedom Fighters Canada stand up for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. We hold the line as a lighthouse and beacon that shines from coast to coast. Our directive is to end government overreach, protect the freedoms fought for by our forefathers and see our citizens remain glorious and free.

Action Plan

We hold politicians accountable while honouring politicians that display integrity on behalf of Canadian citizens in a mutually respected partnership. We investigate new legislation and bills tabled by the representatives in our government and inform the public of any concerns. We endeavour to be an honest and balanced means of communication, consistently reporting the truth. We pursue any opportunity to stop tyranny by utilizing funds with open disclosure and accountability. Money is not a motivator.

Implementation through:

o Voicing lawful discontent

o Organizing rallies

o Networking

o Interviewing Canadians

o Honest dialogue

o Asking the hard questions

o Exposing lies with truth

o Uniting public opinion

o Promoting education

o Channelling resources


Fellow Canadians, we need one and all to help hold the line. We like to hear from you. Please share your ideas, resources, and skillset. Additionally, holding space in Ottawa comes at a significant cost to those of us with families and responsibilities. Please consider partnering financially toward the cause. We remain yours in service, We are Canada!

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